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All waste has value

About us

Klean Industries is a waste and recycling leader, providing proven technological solutions for waste and energy sector issues. The Klean Team have been industry leaders in providing environmentally beneficial solutions to energy and waste-management challenges for over 60 years and are well positioned major players in this industry and will be for the coming decades.

In keeping with our innovative nature, we present the KleanLoop platform - a decentralised waste management commodities and services exchange; and the KleanLoop DApp, an exchange platform which collects and stores real-time recycling industry data. Blockchain technology can transform the waste and energy sectors; enhancing transparency, transaction speeds, and ease of access.

Utilizing blockchain; automated data population and AI; we aim to become the industry leading waste resource trading platform - an integral step towards cleaner water; air and healthier ecosystems for future generations.

What We Offer

How does it work?

Major recycling industry bottlenecks limit the effective exchange of waste and real-time aggregation of recycling data. Using blockchain technology, Klean Industries is building the KleanLoop Network and KleanLoop DApp; streamlining our operations and decentralizing waste management (resource management). Our platform builds upon decades of waste management, resource recovery and energy production experience; creating a distributed ecosystem of agents to participate in transparent waste trading and recycling data optimization. Through our KleanCoin ICO, we are funding development of next-generation waste trading and management tools; to limit pollution, protect our water and air, and reduce waste for future generations.

Functionality Protocol

Our KleanLoop platform offers significant savings in both efficiency and operating costs:

  • Payments within the platform are secure, fast and incur lower fees than traditional waste exchanges.
  • Unparalleled access to real time waste data, logistics, orders and sales information.
  • Informative photographic exchange to accurately price and facilitate waste sales between parties.
  • Promotion of an open and transparent marketplace to encourage competition.
  • Rewards and incentives for honest platform users.

KleanLoop platform provides a premier industry marketplace for the exchange of waste management commodities and services. Our technology uses unique AI and analytical software to provide Klean Industries and other platform

All waste has value

The KleanLoop DApp provides an accessible interface for KleanLoop platform users. Using bidding and daily market rates; KleanLoop platform users are able to exchange waste efficiently and economically.

Utilizing photo-recognition, KleanLoop DApp assigns value to industrial and municipal waste. KleanLoop DApp also collects, stores and presents real-time recycling industry data. As our network grows, our algorithms will identify, price and match waste of all types with continuously increasing functionality.

Three recycling options will be available, drop-off, pick-up and ‘KleanBid’ - solutions which maximise efficient time, value and location for users, based on KleanLoop resources. KleanLoop mitigates corruption and inefficiencies prevalent in current waste management systems, allowing users to participate in an inclusive system of waste management. Our technology will make buying and selling waste products transparent, accountable and profitable for all.


Our advanced AI helper, Arnold, helps sell your waste using the KleanLoop DApp.

Arnold analyzes unwanted items such as e-waste using photographic recognition, and identifies buyers within the KleanLoop network. Buyers can make offers in KleanCoins for your waste. Once a buyer has been found, simply choose your collection method, and wait for your waste to be collected!

KleanCoins will then be paid to the seller, to the courier for transportation, and to the network validator for confirming transactions.

Token sale details

Stage 1



10% of the tokens


Stage 2


15% of the tokens

Stage 3


35% of the tokens


ICO participants
60% of all tokens issued
Management and Advisory
15% of all tokens issued
Network Reserve
15% of all tokens issued
10% of all tokens issued

Maximum number of tokens to be issued in the ICO
Management and Advisory
Network Reserve

Maximum number of tokens to be issued:1,000,000,000


April 2019

KleanLoop Concept

August 2019

DApp Prototype

December 2019

Soft Cap Raise

March 2020


October 2020

KleanLoop Deployment

January 2021

Waste Industry Open Platform


  • Jesse Klinkhamer

    Founder & CEO

  • Pablo Orsolani

    President of South American Operations

  • Peter Dobbs

    CEO / President

    Simplify Wireless / Enginess

  • Mike Phillips